Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome to the official blog!

Welcome to the official blog! 

Welcome to the, blog where you’ll find an experience reminiscent of first opening an issue of The Falcon and anxiously flipping through the pages to see him fly or ogling over Storm's awesome beauty when she first graced the pages of the Giant Sized X-Men #1. Each time you visit our site we’ll fuel the black comic fanatic within you as we continuously delve ever deeper into black superheroes, black anime and sci-fi universes. We are more than just an online portal because we also supply our visitor with information from every aspect of the black comic book, anime and black sci-fi genres.

Historically speaking, black superheroes have been few along with the numbers of comic book titles as well as featured black anime and film characters. From the appearance of Black Panther the first comic book title starring an black super hero, in 1966 there have been several black superheroes that have made appearances in various mainstream comic books but far less have spawned into titles of their own that specifically featured black heroes.

Racism has come into the debate followed closely by “black exploitation” and outright propaganda most often. However, there are fans that would attribute low representation to lack of access to quality, distribution, ownership and investment opportunities available in the industry. Either way there is no denying the impact of black superheroes and their growth in terms of comics, black cartoons, anime and sci-fi. Whether it’s Blade going from assisting Spiderman to the character’s rise to star in a trilogy of blockbuster films or Luke Cage emerging from Hero for Hire to comic book legend, wants to examine all angles to bring you uncommon perspectives and an uncommonly high quality experience.

With being the web’s largest online portal for black comics, anime, and sci-fi, it is our duty to bring you more than the other guys and represent like the true fans we are!
Here is a preview of what you can expect over the coming weeks and months:

  • The Black Super Heroes First Coming: 1970 – 1980 The Golden Age of Black Comics
The 1970’s witnessed the biggest surge in the creation and introduction of black comic book characters in the history of comics and examines the introduction of the first black superheroes to infiltrate the DV and Marvel Universe.

  • Are black comics propaganda directed at black people?
Could this idea be true? One would wonder partly because the release of several black superhero characters coincides with the receding tide of the civil rights movement and incoming wave of the black power movement. will look deeper at the correlations and into the notion of black comic book propaganda and another form of black exploitation.

  • What makes a good black comic book character: Back-story, social significance or novelty? 
Take Black Panther, leader of the only unconquered African nation on earth; check out Blade born half-vampire after his pregnant mother was bitten; then there’s Spawn double crossed government weapon turned devil’s soldier fighting for good. We want to know what makes the most popular black heroes’ stories so compelling and endearing for fans and if there could be more to a character than meets the eye.

  • Black Comic Creators, Masters and “Newbies”: Whos who in the new black comic universe?
The black comic industry has changed over the years and many have paved the way for others to maintain and continuously create black heroes. At we believe in supporting every aspect of the black comic genre along with everyone and everything involved in it. will offer profiles on the hottest new artists, titles and up and coming players in the black comic industry today.  This will include: exclusive video and interviews, artist features and reviews of some of the hottest new titles, films, and black animation available on the web today.
  • Gimme my black fantasy fix!
We’re and we’re the largest online portal for all of your black superheroes whether they are in anime, comic books or your favorite black science fiction. But, just because we’re based online doesn’t mean we don’t hit the streets. We’ll bring you exclusive previews and coverage of upcoming events, and black comic conventions like Onyxcon coming up in August 2012. We’ll also cue you in to how you can get the most out of your experience with upcoming release dates, online resources and information.
Add us to your favorites, like us on facebook and visit often to stay up on your current news and events related to black comics, anime and sci-fi.

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